Welcome to Midtown Pets Atlanta LLC! We would love to meet you in person but in the meantime, here is a little bit about us.

Lydia Kimball-Unal  (Co-owner)


Earned a degree in business marketing and fashion design.  Has a wide variety of interests ranging from design, art, and music, with a particular passion for the love, care, and safety of animals.  A firm believer in the mutual value of relationships between animals and people and the benefits of pet therapy: pets can teach humans a lot about some of the greatest life lessons!  She also advocates for and supports many causes related to the rescue and care of animals, better elderly care, better medical care, and support for the homeless. One of her favorite mottos to go by is "Believe in yourself, listen to your gut, and do what you love!"

Erik Patterson (co-owner)


I started Midtown Pets when I realized how difficult it was to have a professional career in the product design world with challenging and needy pets that did not appreciate my long nights and travel. I have a dog, a turtle, and two cat friends at home that enjoy keeping me busy cleaning up after their shenanigans. I believe in positive reinforcement training practices and love to teach my dog silly tricks when she’s not resting her old bones. My favorites are having her take a laps around the kitchen and spin around like a tiny dog for treats. When I’m not hanging out with my pets or family I enjoy needlessly tinkering on cars and building projects around the house.

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